This is the “Save the Date” that my wife and I sent out. Correction, this is the first “Save the Date” that my wife and I sent out. We sent this out and then due to a scheduling error on our behalf, we found out the DJ we wanted was not available. Once we found that out, we changed our wedding venue, and prayed that where we were having the reception was available the next weekend. Luckily they were. Now I was maybe a little more over the top than you would be about choosing a DJ. However, having been the DJ for so many weddings, I know what an important decision it is. The DJ I chose was a USA/DMC champion. I had seen him on DJ videos I bought. The fact I could have him DJ my wedding was a dream come true. I know you are thinking “Kelly you’re a DJ, of course you are going to say the DJ is important”. Well, think back to every wedding you have been to. What do you remember the most? The ceremony, the meal, the cake? Now these are all very important things, but everyone remembers the party.

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