It might be the fact that I am a wedding DJ in Austin, Texas where people are just more laid back. I don’t deal with many “bridezillas”. So when that rare one comes along, it really stands out to me. A couple of weeks ago, I got one. Everyone was working so hard to make her happy, but nothing was good enough. For wedding professionals this can be a frustrating thing to deal with. Most of us get into this business because we aim to please people. Its why we have decided to give up every weekend to make your vision come true.  I never felt any anger towards this bridezilla, I actually felt really bad for her.  Why did I feel bad? Because the only person who’s day she is ruining, is her own. You get one shot at this. Why ruin it for yourself? Here are some things I have learned about bridezillas, and ways we can help them out.

1) A Bridezilla May Have Unrealistic Expectations.
A wedding day is very important. You want it to be perfect. All your vendors want it to be perfect for you. The problem is, you are hiring humans to provide you with this perfect day. Humans are flawed, they make mistakes. You can’t sweat the small stuff. If a bride is getting upset about little things like a table being in the wrong spot or the officiant can’t pronounce the last name properly (seen it happen). Let her know you will try to address the issue for her, and at least make sure the proper people are aware of it.

2) She is Probably Tired, Uncomfortable, and Hungry.
And a whole host of other things that people deal with on their wedding day. Try to make her comfortable. Grab her a little snack, some water (maybe a glass of wine). Just like the rest of us, these things make us grumpy. Imagine feeling that way on a day that you are already stressed out.

3) Her Family May Be Ruining the Day for Her

This is just sad, but I see it more than you know. Sisters, mothers, mother in laws, even grooms. Can bring so much stress on the bride. If you are a close friend or relative, make sure you are not contributing to the stress. You should also feel free to run interference for the bride. If mom is stressing her out, redirect mom somewhere else. “Have you seen the view?”, “I heard there is a cheese tray in foyer”.

4) You Know this Person

Is this just their personality, to be a little demanding, stressed, high strung?  If it is, you knew what you were getting yourself into.  Buckle up, and hold on. Its going to be a rough few hours. There is always a exception to the rule, but usually things calm down after the ceremony. Once dinner is served, a few drinks are had, people start dancing and having fun. Even the most angry of Bridezillas will let lose and enjoy their day.

Its hard to do sometimes, but just try and have compassion. This is the biggest day of her life. She gets one shot at it being perfect. Do all you can. Know that the people working the wedding are going to do all we can to make sure it is perfect. I will personally do my part by always striving to be the best wedding DJ in Austin, Texas.