I don’t think enough people address this topic. So many times I have been booked for a wedding before a bride books her venue, then she finally finds a date the venue has open, but then I am not open. Its is unnecessary stress on a couple that is already stressed out. Like anything in this world, the good ones go fast. So here is a guide to what order you should book your vendors.

#1 Venue
By far, hands down, book your venue first. As soon as you pick a date book a venue. In central Texas the most coveted wedding venues can book 2 years out sometimes. Also a good tip is come up with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for your venue. Another thing you can do to get the venue you want. Find a date that is open in the venue you want first, then make that your wedding day. No matter how you do it, book the venue first. Venues can only do 1 wedding a day so when its gone, its gone.

* If you plan on hiring a wedding planner. Do it here. You can still choose these other things, but they will be able to narrow down some choices for you. If you are doing it yourself, read on.

#2 Photographer
This one hits home for me. My wife and I waited too long to book our photographer. I HATE my wedding photos. My wife and I have never once looked at them. A great photographer is priceless. Like anything else, the good ones go fast. And there is only one of them, so when they are booked, that’s it. They can only do one wedding a day. Learn from my mistake, you will thank me later.

#3 Entertainment
Whether you plan on having a band or a DJ or something else. Like photographers, they can only do one wedding a day (if they are good) and once they are booked that is it. We got our first choice for wedding DJ and he was perfect. I can’t imagine how our night would have not have been as memorable if we would not have had him. The band/DJ is responsible for 85% of your receptions success. Get a good one.

#4 Caterer
You might think “the caterer is important, why so low on the list?”. You are right they are very important. The great thing about caterers, (especially the bigger ones) they can do multiple weddings in a weekend. So there definitely is an urgency to get the caterer you want, but because they can do multiple weddings in a weekend,  the odds of them being booked up is lower.

#5 flowers
Same as Caterers, they can do more than one wedding in a day usually. They come set up the flowers, and they leave. So when you find the flowers you like, they will be able to do more than one wedding in a day. So it is less likely that they will be booked up.

If you follow this list, it will help you through a very stressful time. Remember, this is the biggest day of your life, try and have fun planning it. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for help, or suggestions. People who do a lot of weddings can be a great resource for you.