We are lucky in Austin to have 2 wedding seasons every year. With people really only taking the summer off because its too dang hot. This fall was tremendous for Top Choice DJ. The hard work is really starting to pay off as our reputation spreads. There are a few things I learned this season that I thought I would pass on to you. Some are DJ related, some are not.

1) A good wedding coordinator is worth every penny. Unfortunately this is an industry that has become way over saturated. Ask around before you hire. I have worked with great and not so great coordinators. The difference is clear from start to finish.

2) Keep your guests in mind. This day is all about you, no question about it. You have invited a few hundred people to celebrate it with you. Keep them in mind. What would make the day more fun for them? What would make them leave saying “that was a blast”. I may be bias, but a good DJ can really help with that.

3) Sometimes there may be hiccups in the day. Stay calm and allow the professionals that are there to help you do their job. We want this day to be perfect for you, and will not rest until it is.

4) For the bride and the groom. The night is going to fly by. This is going to happen, and there is nothing to do to make this not happen. The sad reality is, the more fun they are having, the faster the night is going to go.

5) Ask for exactly what you want. If you are dealing with professionals they will find a way to make it happen for you.

These are just a few of the many things I have taken away from this fall wedding season. The awesome thing is we are already getting a lot of booking for fall of 2017. Its going to be a great year.