We have all seen those weddings that look so glamorous, and think “how did they do it?”. 9 times out of 10 it is the up lighting that can completely transform a room. You have to remember that these places that hold weddings have to be as “generic” as possible. I don’t use that word in a bad way, but that room has to fit every brides taste. So usually it is a neutral color, with out much decoration on the walls. This is a good thing. Its a blank canvas for you to add your style. A lot of that is done with flowers, and linens. A way to do it on a grand scale is with up lighting. Its like paining the room your favorite color. It also makes the room feel more grand. It makes the ceiling feel higher. That gives people a sense of space. You may be thinking “I don’t want blue or purple walls”. Try a warm amber color. It almost makes the room look like it is lit with candle light. Also instead of doing 16 lights, do 10. Thanks to LED lights, all colors are now available, they are wireless, and they can even change color to music, on a fade, whatever you might like. Talk to your coordinator or DJ about how up lighting can enhance your night.