Wedding DJs love requests, we are meeting a new crowd every weekend so requests are necessary. You are unique couple, with unique music tastes. Your requests help me get to know you musically. I really want couples to enjoy their night and get to hear music that is their favorite. However, is there a place to draw the line? I personally will sign couples up on my website where there is a requesting tool. Through that they can request 50 songs, which equals about 2 1/2 hours worth of music. This lets then hear their favorites, and it allows me to do what I have been hired to do, and that is read the crowd, and pick music that this particular crowd would like to dance to. I have met with couples before, and they will give me a list of 200 songs, and exactly when they want them played. I completely understand why, you want to make sure your DJ isn’t playing a bunch of music that no one wants to hear. Sometimes people will say “I only want underground red dirt country and nothing esle”.  I get it, you are not a fan of hip hop or pop music. Here is why that is a really bad move and why I steer people away from this every time.  Your wedding day is 100% about you, no questions asked. However, isn’t your guests enjoyment of the day, important to your enjoyment of the day? When you are making your music decisions, you are probably sitting at your desk at work, or sitting at the kitchen table. You are not in the same mindset you are going to be in the night of your wedding. On your wedding day your adrenaline is going to be pumping. You might have had a couple of drinks. Your guests are all ready to party. A good DJ can feel this energy, and feed off of it. They know when to build up the energy, and what songs to use to do it. Also, when to tone it down a little so people can grab a slow dance and maybe mingle for a second. When to work in your requests and when to play a song you didn’t request, but we know everyone is going to lose their minds for. This is what us DJs live for. If you tell me “Only X type of music” or “Only play these 200 songs I requested and in the order I put them”. You are doing yourself a huge disservice. You have spent your hard earned money to get a good DJ. Make us work for that money. The music can make or break an evening. Of course we want your requests, I love your requests. I always look over requests and get excited for the night. Sometimes they remind me of songs I haven’t played in a while. At the same time I have done 300+ weddings. Let me take what I have learned over that time and put it to work for you. I want to make your party the one everybody talks about.


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