This is something I have been thinking about since my own wedding. Then, after a wedding I was the DJ for this past weekend, I was inspired to write this. This couple was paying for everything themselves, and were on a tight budget. So I was looking around to see how they were able to have the wedding they always wanted, but stay with in their budget. The one thing I noticed (besides the fact that the aunt made the cake) was that the centerpieces were simple, pretty, and cheap. Since this wedding was near Christmas, the couple took some Christmas tree bulbs, put them in cheap vases from Michaels, and put them on the table. I would imagine every centerpiece was maybe $25, if that. That is when I began thinking. How important is a centerpiece. Now if you have unlimited funds, then a beautiful centerpiece is all apart of the cost. If you are on a tighter budget. Then why waste money on something that no one will remember, and are a pain to take care of at the end of the night? You know how many weddings I have been the DJ for and have gone home with a centerpiece? Of course my wife loves when I come home with the flowers, but think about that.  People are so desperate to get rid of these things, they will give them to a complete stranger. Centerpieces are pretty, and they dress up the room, but if you are on a tight budget this should be the first thing you cut back on.