This is a hard question for me to answer. Money is never a fun topic for me. I can tell you my take on it as a wedding DJ in Austin, Texas. I think most other vendors would agree with me. I have never once expected a tip, but of course I really do appreciate them. I have done weddings where at the end I think “wow! I might be the best wedding DJ in Austin”. The couple is extremely happy, the family is happy, but no tip. I am OK with that, just happy that they thanked me and said they had an amazing time. There has been that same scenario, where I have received extremely generous tips. That is great too. I have never once expected it though. I will tell you what I really want as a wedding vendor, or course money is nice, but what I really want is for you to be happy. That is why I included this Thank You card in this blog post. I got this a week after their wedding. It just happened to be a case of a tip, and a really nice thank you note. I, like most people who are at your wedding, just want to make sure it was the night of your dreams. That may seem corny to you, but that is why most of us got into this. There have been times where I have seen a wedding video of a wedding I have done, and the look of joy on the peoples faces having fun is all I need.  It also makes business sense for us to want that. If it is the night of your dreams, you tell your friends, then we get to be at their wedding. Ok, so back to the original question “should you tip your wedding vendors?”. I can’t answer it with absolute certainty, but here is a little check list to maybe help you.

  • Did they go above and beyond for you?
  • Was their service better than expected?
  • Do you have the extra money?
  • Do they deserve a tip?
  • How involved were they in the day?

I will also say this. Someone like your wedding coordinator who is at your beck and call all day long, and leading up to the wedding, probably deserves a tip. I hope this was helpful, and didn’t leave you just more confused.