As a DJ in Minnesota I do a lot of holiday parties. A lot of people are so sick of the same holiday songs to the point where they sometimes tell me “please! for the love of all that is decent and holy. NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC”. I always feel like, this is a holiday party, we need at least some of the right music. I don’t think people hate Christmas music, so much as they hate the same Christmas music over, and over again. So here are my top 10 pics for some Christmas songs that you have not been beat over the head with.

10) “Driving Home for Christmas” – Brice Seagul
9) “Mistletoe” – Justin Bieber (sorry but this song is amazing)
8) “A Joyous Song” – Boyz II Men
7) “What are You Doing New Years Eve” – Harry Connick Jr
6) “Donde Esta Santa Claus” – Augie Rios
5) “Christmas Song” – Dave Matthews Band
4) “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” – James Brown
3) “Lights of Christmas” – Owl City ft Toby Mac
2) Let it Snow – Boyz II Men
1) Another Lonely Christmas – Prince

Some of these are really good songs, and some are just fun to listen to. Check them out, I think you will like them.