Before we answer that question let me ask you another one. How important is your reception to you? You’re DJ is responsible for 85% of the success of your reception. How important is it to you? I know guys that charge $1600 as their base price and new comers that charge $300. So what is in a price? Why the big difference? I will try to explain this in a non DJ way. If you ran into Picasso on the street and he painted your picture, you wouldn’t just pay him for the cost of his paint and the couple hours that it took him to paint your portrait. You would be paying for an original Picasso, and that is worth something. Now look, you know your crowd better than anyone. You might have a group of people who are not big on dancing, and you just want a DJ to provide dinner music, a couple special dance songs, and make announcements. You probably don’t need a $1600 DJ. You might be able to find a budget DJ that can provide you with those services. Normally these cheap DJs are new guys trying to break into the business. They are probably going to make some mistakes, there will be some glitches, they may not be dressed appropriately, they may even cancel on you the week of the wedding (all examples of actual things I have seen with budget DJs). Just like with anything else, when you choose the budget brand, you are sacrificing quality, and reliability. Now lets look at the other example. You know that most of your people are there for the party, and they are expecting it to be the party of the year. You better have Picasso handling the night. Its plain and simple. Experience makes you better, and that experience is worth something.

The best advice I can give you when it comes to cost is this. Pick a budget, find a DJ in that budget, then do your research. How are that DJs Yelp reviews, are they on any preferred vendors lists, does their website look professional? A good guide is to check out my earlier blog “Questions to ask Your Wedding DJ?” Good luck to you. Hiring a DJ is an important step. With due diligence, you can rest assured that Picasso will be showing up to make your reception a masterpiece.