It is so funny to me that people are so afraid of what Millennials are doing. No other generation has struck such fear in the previous generations. As a generation X’er myself, I think that everyone just needs to calm down. Yes, Millennials are changing the way certain things are done, just like every single generation before them. So what are Millennials doing to a business that is very near and dear to my heart? Are Millennials changing weddings forever? Yes, Just like every generation has done. Look at weddings from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Things have changed every decade. 90% of the couples I DJ for are Millennials. They still love a good party. They still like to make the biggest day of their life a big deal.  That is a human thing more than a generational thing. There are a few things that are done different. And they are not all bad.

They don’t feel the pressure to stick to tired traditions

Thank goodness! Some of these old tired traditions needed a shaking up. Do you really want to have to do the hokey pokey one more time? Or eat food that you would normally never eat just because its “fancy”. I love the fact that they are choosing to have food trucks, or even fast food cater their weddings. I have done a wedding that was catered by Whataburger. Friends and family loved it. So did I!

They are finding creative ways to save a little money

When I first started doing weddings, it was rare to even get a Friday wedding. Now,  I have done Monday afternoon weddings, Thursday mornings, and so on… These parties are definitely more laid back, more chill, but still fun. The couple saves money, they had a fun day. Like I said before, they have food trucks cater. This is great. I am a huge fan of saving money in the right places.

They don’t feel as much pressure from family

One thing I admire so much about Millennials is that they do what they want for their wedding and don’t give in to pressure from family. You know how many weddings have been ruined by the people closest to the couple getting married? I guess it is the more laid back nature that they don’t stress as much if mother in law gets upset because the flowers in the centerpiece are mums and not tulips.

They do more research on the people they hire

It is awesome to have so many tools at your disposal to do all your research on people who will be there for the biggest day of your life. Yelp, Google, Facebook just to name a few.  The upside to this for someone like me is by the time they send me an email to see if I am available, they have already made up their minds that I am a good fit for their wedding. This is better for everyone. The couple can shop for better bargains, or people who fit their price range better. So this is not a bad thing at all.

These are all great things. Bottom line, I have been DJing weddings for more than 15 years. A party is still a party. The music changes, the fashion changes, but the desire to make your huge day special does not.

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