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Top Choice DJ Service was started in 2006 by Jorge Garza (DJ Baby G) as a way to diversify his work and reach other audiences. In early 2013 Kelly Jordan (Boogie) became co-owner and operator of Top Choice DJ. Kelly and Jorge first met in 2003 while employed at Hot 93.3 FM (Austin, TX). They eventually started working together on the “Boogie and Mimi Morning Show.” They also did a live radio broadcast from Club Paradox every Friday and Saturday night for 5 years straight. Their friendship led to a business partnership with the aim of reaching more clients and providing an even better service.


Kelly Brandt (Boogie)

Kelly Brandt has been a DJ for the past 20 years. He has a profound knowledge of music and is known for his ability to rock a party like no one else. Kelly has DJ’d and hosted countless private events, weddings, nightclubs, and concerts. He has also been on Austin, Texas radio for more than13 years. His professional career began when he formed a mobile DJ business in Minneapolis, MN and soon after started working in radio.

Kelly moved to Austin in 2000 to become the night personality on KISS FM 96.7 under the alias “Boogie”. He would go on to become the morning show host for the legendary HOT 93.3 FM for 8 years, maintaining a #1 ranking his entire time there. Nowadays he is on the radio at 93.3 FM KGSR every weekday morning as Kelly Jordan (6am-10am).

Kelly’s musical expertise is best explained by describing his iPod. You will find everything on there, Big Band Swing, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. You’re going to find Hip Hop, Top 40, Country, and Dubstep. You will also find some selections he is too embarrassed to mention. During his free time, Kelly loves to fire up the grill and spend time with his wife and 2 children.

“DJing and MCing is not just a job for me, it has been a calling on my life.” – Kelly Brandt

Kelly Jordan | Top Choice DJ

Kelly Brandt, Top Choice DJ Services