Having your wedding be the one everyone is talking about for weeks, months, even years is not as challenging as you might think. I have done hundreds of weddings in Central Texas, and this is what I know can make it memorable for you and your guests.

I tend to focus on the DJ a lot. That is because I am a DJ, and the truth is, the DJ is responsible for at least 85% of the success of your reception. Follow these and you will have the party that sets the new standard among your family and friends.

1) Here is a little secret… old people hate loud music. So why at so many weddings are the oldest people there sitting right by the speakers? Stop putting the oldest people that are coming to your wedding, right by the speakers. This is a very simple fix. When you are making the seating chart, you know every ones age. Over 65? put them as far away from the music as possible. This will allow your DJ to gradually start bringing the energy up near the end of dinner. Without being told to constantly turn it down.

2) Make sure your wedding coordinator knows how to set up a room properly. I know I am a little bias on this, but only because it is the truth. You can’t put your DJ 100 feet from the dance floor. A good DJ feeds off the energy of the dance floor. He/she can actually make better song selections when they can feel the energy. You can’t do that when the DJ is not even a part of the dance floor. With most coordinators the DJ is an after thought. Even the really good ones. Their main concern is making the room look pretty. They find DJs to be an “ugly” smudge on their masterpiece. I actually understand their thought process. It is a great way to kill the party though.

3) You have to make a decision. Do you want an early wedding, or a late party? You can’t have both. One of the mistakes I see couples making is having their ceremony at noon, then expecting the party to last until midnight. There is always a look of disappointment when guests start leaving at 10pm. You have to remember, their work day is only 8 hours during the week. You can’t expect them to put in a 12 hour day on your wedding day.

4) Don’t have too many “special features”. There are some moments that make me cry at weddings as a DJ. A lot of times the father daughter dance, sometimes the mother son dance. The toasts can get to me sometimes, but you have to keep these things in check. Only because it gets boring after a while. When you are letting 6 people give toasts, and you are dancing with all your aunts and uncles and your best friend from college. Your guests are getting bored, and the energy is dying, and they are more likely to leave. Those special moments are great, and we all love them, in moderation.

5) Do your research on your DJ. I posted a blog earlier about questions do all of these

6) Your requests are very important, and we want to make sure you hear them. Don’t come up with too rigid of a list on your song requests. Let your DJ be a DJ. If he is good, he is going to do a really good job of keeping guests engaged and entertained.

7) If the bride and groom are having a good time, your guests will have a good time. So cut lose. This is the biggest night of your life. Party like it is.