We have all been to that wedding. I like to call them a “death march”. No one is really dancing, there is no energy in the room, and you are just hoping the bar doesn’t run out of booze before the night is over. I have worked very hard to make sure that I never allow this at a wedding. When I set out to become Austins best wedding DJ, I decided to study the science of what makes the party fun. Its more than just the music.  There are some steps you can take to make sure this is not the way your wedding turns out.

Get on the Floor!

I can make you a a 100% guarantee for your reception. Even if the meal was bad, the DJ is not very good, and your mother in law has been complaining all night. Get on the dance floor and EVERYONE will follow. The guests want to be with the bride and groom. Experiencing their joy. Get on the dance floor and fake it for a song or two if you have to. Watch your party come to life. I have never seen a dance floor with just the bride and groom on it. Once they are out there, everyone is out there.

Hire a DJ with a great reputation, references, and experience

Unfortunately, the DJ is usually the last thing that a couple books. Yet the DJ is responsible for about 85% of your receptions success. Also, a big mistake couples make is they look only at the price. There is a reason one DJ charges $350 and another charges $1900. The best way I can put it to you is like this. If you bought a picture from Sears and a picture painted by Pablo Picasso, there would be a pretty big price difference. Even though the price of the paint and canvass are the same for both “artists”. You are paying Picasso more, because you are going to get a better piece of art. It is so easy to hire a great DJ. Ask your venue/coordinator if they have a preferred vendor list. Do a little research online. Check out the DJs website, Yelp, Facebook, see what people are saying about this DJ. Its doesn’t take long to figure out their reputation.

If Your DJ Has an On Line Requesting Tool… Use It

One of the things couples love when they book me is the fact that they can request songs on line before their event. This is good for them, their guests, and the DJ. You know your guests better than anyone. You know what their musical tastes are. The DJ can get great information by chatting with you and finding out your tastes. The on line request sheet is a great road map for the evening. Some couples trust the DJ 100% with the music, and if they have experience, they should be able to figure out what the crowd is into. The more info the DJ has the better, so take some time and make some requests.

Let your DJ Use Some Lighting

Motion creates emotion. Color creates texture. Now this can get tricky. It needs to be the right lighting. That is why I included the video above. In the video I am using what they call “wash” lights. They are bright, they add great energy to the dance floor, but they don’t ruin pictures for the photographers like some DJ lighting can do. If you are not a fan of DJ that is completely understandable. However, if you want some energy on the dance floor say this to your DJ “I am not a fan of DJ lighting, however if you have some wash lights that would be OK”. Not only will your DJ be impressed and know they are dealing with someone in the know. They wont bring the DJ lights that you don’t like.


As the bride and groom, you have a massive amount of control over how your night turns out. With just a little bit of effort, and following these tips. I believe your night will be everything you dreamed it would be. If you need any more tips or help you can always reach out to me. I am always avaialable to help couples in anyway I can. Whether I am their DJ or not. I want your night to be amazing. You can email any questions you might have to kelly@topchoicedj.com . Thank you for your time, and helping me in my pursuit to be the best wedding DJ in Austin, Texas.